DMT shoe KMO

389.00€ Ex Tax: 324.17€

The pinnacle of lightweight race mtb footwear.Light, fast , extremely comfortable. The KM0 represent..

DMT shoe KR0

389.00€ Ex Tax: 324.17€

THE NEXT GENERATION OF KNIT FOOTWEAR.Light, fast , extremely comfortable. The KR0 represents the pin..

DMT shoe KR1

from 349.00€ Ex Tax: 290.83€

KR1 Race Shoe The shoe that started the Engineered Knit revolution. Developed and worn by ..

DMT shoe KR3

215.00€ Ex Tax: 179.17€

KR3 Race Shoe Light, comfortable and fast full Knit road shoe. With its full knit construc..

DMT shoe KR4

150.00€ Ex Tax: 125.00€

KR4 Race Shoe Sleek, clean styling and a hybrid knit construction.This high value road shoe doe..


379.00€ Ex Tax: 315.83€

THE FASTEST LACE SHOE ON THE PLANET.This is the evolution of the shoe that Tadej Pogačar wore on his..

DMT shoe KT1

280.00€ Ex Tax: 233.33€

KT1 Tri- Shoe Full Engineered Knit performance and fit in a super fast Tri specific shoe. ..

DMT shoe KT4

150.00€ Ex Tax: 125.00€

KT4 Tri- Shoe Light, comfortable, fast hybrid knit triathlon shoe. Open mesh construction ..

DMT shoe MH1

290.00€ Ex Tax: 241.67€

MH1 ShoeGreat all-around trail shoe with the comfort of hybrid knit construction.MTB or Gravel or wh..


120.00€ Ex Tax: 100.00€

GREAT COMFORT EVEN WHEN YOU ARE OFF THE BIKE.Perfect before or after your rides. Featuring the same ..

DMT shoe SH1

290.00€ Ex Tax: 241.67€

SH1 Race Shoe Ultimate performance Hybrid Knit road shoe. We have combined the incredible fit a..

DMT shoe TK10

175.00€ Ex Tax: 145.83€

OUR MOST RUGGED OFFROAD SHOE.Versatile shoe designed for trail riding on even the toughest terrain. ..

DMT shoe WKM1

239.00€ Ex Tax: 199.17€

WKM1 Shoe Forget everything you know about winter shoes. Extreme weather protection in a c..

DMT shoe WKR1

239.00€ Ex Tax: 199.17€

WKR1 Winter Race Shoe The next generation wet and cold weather road shoe. Incredibly warm light..

ELITE DIRETO XR-T Direct Drive Trainer

670.00€ Ex Tax: 670.00€

Description of Elite Direto XR-T CycletrainerXtra Ride  - An indoor training has never been so ..

Lazer Aeroshell Blade

20.50€ Ex Tax: 17.08€

SpecificationsSeason IntroducedY17SubdisciplineRoadDisciplineCyclingGenderUnisexSeasonAll yearCompat..

Lazer Aeroshell Genesis

20.46€ Ex Tax: 17.05€

SpecificationsSeason IntroducedY20SubdisciplineRoadDisciplineCyclingGenderUnisexSeasonAll yearSeason..

Lazer Aeroshell Genesis - G1

20.50€ Ex Tax: 17.08€

SpecificationsSeason IntroducedY20SubdisciplineRoad, MTB, TouringDisciplineCyclingGenderUnisexSeason..

Lazer Aeroshell O2

16.24€ Ex Tax: 13.53€

SpecificationsSubdisciplineRoadDisciplineCyclingGenderUnisexSeasonAll yearProduct applicationHelmet ..

Lazer Aeroshell Sphere

20.46€ Ex Tax: 17.05€

SpecificationsSeason IntroducedY20SubdisciplineRoadDisciplineCyclingGenderUnisexSeasonAll yearCompat..

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