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Lightness and simplicity.

ARION is a very light yet sturdy training roller.

Its strong suits are great ease of use, great performances and high reliability.


By using the Misuro B+ sensor your ARION can become compatible with ELITE’s My E-Training (1-month free subscription).

This manages the training session by monitoring power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data.

Moreover, it makes it compatible with other indoor cycling platforms (which usually require paid subscription), such as: TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, Kinomap and many more.

This is how you can range from traditional training sessions to a more complete experience where training, gaming and social combine into one solution.


Light and easy to transport, ARION is quickly and easily foldablewith one simple movement, so it reduces clutter by 50% when not in use.


ARION is compatible with both road and mountain bikes wheels.

The front roller is adjustable with 10 different positions to allow for perfect compatibility with the frame of the bike you’re using.

  • Parabolic rollers

    ARION is among the parabolic rollers introduced in the ELITE range.

    Unlike other home trainers, rollers are not connected to the bike’s frame.

    This type of home trainers lets you conduct simple and free training sessions.

    Ideal for indoor training and pre-race warm up.

  • Pedaling control

    ARION features parabolic-shaped rollers, with 85 mm diameter at the center and 100 mm at its ends.

    These help with the balance on the bike.

    The wheel is constantly being directed towards the center of the roller, thus making it easier to control pedaling smoothness and in turn your bike.

  • Ease of use

    The technical features of the three rollers ensure a simple control over your pace.

    The typical parabolic shape of roller’s ends instantly guide the bike towards the center of the home trainer.

    Moreover, the perfectly smooth surface of the rollers greatly decrease noise and tyre wear.

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